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dardimans crispy apple slices

Dry, crispy and snap-able, these slices are thinly sliced from the freshest of granny smith apples and simply dehydrated. Dardimans apples are handpicked exclusively from California orchards. As if it's freshly picked from the tree and polished on your sleeve, a bite of these is where flavor and feeling collide. By maintaining the integrity of a fresh apple in its color, aroma, and flavor, Dardimans' slices are as close to the fresh fruit as possible. Just like fresh fruit, slices may have imperfections such as discoloration, seeds, bitterness, and may slightly vary in sweetness. The heart of a fruit's vitamin content is in the rind, which is why we leave it on. raw | vegan | gluten-free | no added sugar | no sulphates / preservatives | no additives | no added colors Shelf Life: 24 months