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top note cascara cola single

A new option for the customer seeking the caffeine but not all the sugar. Leave it to Top Note to finally make the cola you want to drink, and say "ahhh". A nod to our coffee house friends, we invented this Cascara Cola with a tea-like blend of dried cascara (red coffee fruit), cola flavors made from cinnamon and warm spices, and orange rind extract, along with organic green coffee caffeine (35 mg/can) and monkfruit to lower the sugar content. It isn't diet, and it isn't too sweet/dry/weird, but it does have some nice properties like extra potassium and fiber from the cascara, and that organic caffeine (so much better!). It is just a perfect Cola for anytime of the day (we really think so)....Note - The pilot batch will have preservatives in it as we work on our next batches with an all natural process. Canned in Wisconsin.