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sundstrom cider ‘cider/cider’

Cider/Cider cider is a blend of 60% Rhode Island Greening & 40% Northern Spy apples grown in NY's Lake Ontario region on loamy soils by the Abendroth family. Both Rhode Island Greening and Northern Spy are heirloom apples native to the northeastern states. Once celebrated for their various culinary and cider uses, today these apples are increasingly rare. They are showcased in Cider/Cider each year to highlight the native varieties important to the region, and the varieties that mark the beginnings of quality for cider production amongst the region's various heirloom cultivars. Fermentation takes place in stainless tank before the cider is aged on its lees for 5-6 months before bottling, with no fining or filtration. The final cider is refermented in the bottle to produce a lightly sparkling, terroir driven cider.

750 ml