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lula table talk wine 2021

From the producer:

Mourvèdre from Chalone AVA, initially bought to blend with low Brix & tannic Syrah. The fruit was tread, and the cap was rewet daily. My aim was to achieve the most fruit-forward expression. In the end I topped these barrels with a touch of said Syrah and bottled as a single varietal. 

Cali-based Fashion Designer slash Winemaker, Megan Sekermestrovich, navigates the industry through an outsider’s lens. With no formal training or apprenticeships, her approach to natural wine is curiosity-driven and holistically-minded.

Lula produces vision-backed wines that aim to support responsible land stewardship and an equitable industry ecosystem. All Lula wines use sustainably farmed fruit, native yeast fermentation, and are zero-zero, in that there are no additions to the wine. Just a grape show here. Spontaneous by nature, you never know when the next drop will be, making every season “Lula Season.”

750 ml