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licence iv rouge 2018 red wine

GRAPE VARIETY 85% Grenache, 15% Syrah
REGION Valréas, Southern Rhône
PRODUCER Domaine du Séminaire
SOIL & VINES Sandstone and limestone. The vineyards are located near the northern limit of the Southern Rhône surrounded by olive trees and lavender fields.
VITICULTURE & HARVEST Organic, hand-harvested.
WINEMAKING De-stemmed. Maceration and fermentation using native yeasts in concrete vats. Light filtration and early bottling.


Licence IV Rouge is Grenache, grown in the coldest corner of the Southern Rhône. Born cool, so to speak, like a Jazz tune or a beat poem written in black cherry-scented letters. Licence IV Rouge is ready for every moment: you, turtlenecked in the corner, swirling your glass of wine like a yo-yo master, nonchalantly wafting aromas of licorice and thyme with a smile. Licence IV Rouge doesn’t care what time you arrive. What matters, mon ami, is that you’ve finally made it.

1 liter