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las jaras glou glou red wine mendocino county 2020

The 2020 evolution of this chuggable, light red tastes like sparkles and bright, summer fruit. There is so much finesse and deliciousness here that you can’t help but be surprised when you suddenly realize that you’ve finished the whole bottle. Glou Glou has enough acid to stand up to your favorite tomato sauce, as well as intense berry notes that perfectly complement the char of a burger or perfectly cooked pizza crust. Serve this slightly chilled

The grapes for this blend are grown mostly from dry farmed old vines and sourced from vineyards in the center of Mendocino County. All of the vineyards we source from farm without the use of systemic chemicals and are either organic or are transitioning to organic farming.

This wine received no additions except for a small amount of sulfur and it was filtered prior to bottling. We do not de- gas our wines, so it may have a bit of spritz, especially when young.

Varieties:35% Zinfandel, 50% Carignan, 9% Petite Sirah, 6% Pinot Noir