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hana makgeolli takju unfiltered rice wine

The TAKJU 16 is our signature product and the ideal introduction to authentic Korean makgeolli. Inspired by our brewer’s own family home-brew recipes, the TAKJU 16 is coarsely filtered, dry, and undiluted with an alcohol by volume at 16%. This wine undergoes low temp pasteurization to maintain the full spectrum of flavors from a wild fermented brew, starting with the extremely floral almost melon-like character of fermented rice, followed by the brightness of our wild yeast that is perfectly balanced with the creaminess of the naturally occurring lactic acid and rice sediment.

Best served cold. Shake gently before serving.

The TAKJU 16 is a samyangju (3 stage fermented alcohol) made exclusively with organic medium grain white rice, organic sweet (glutinous) white rice, nuruk (traditional Korean wild fermentation starter), and filtered NY water. Fermented to dryness over 4 weeks and bottle conditioned to achieve fine bubbles that elevate the intricate flavors of the wine. Alcohol 16.00%