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stolpman vineyards love you bunches red 2021

BACKGROUND: We began producing Carbonic Sangiovese in 2013 in an effort to make a fresh, delicious version of Sangiovese.  Sangiovese as a grape, is both highly tannic and high in acid – a one-two combination that can deliver a whopping blow to the palate. Before we experimented with carbonic fermentation, we intentionally picked Sangiovese on the ripe side to allow for tannins and acids to soften.  Then we aged the wine in barrel for 30 months and another 6 months in bottle prior to release.  The extended age allowed for the tannin and acid to integrate, as the fruit profile and mid-palate richness enveloped any harshness on the finish. Carbonic Fermentation – allowing the grapes to ferment whole, uncrushed in a sealed tank– allows for a red wine containing only a fraction of the tannin present in a traditionally fermented red wine.  Without the threat of an overly tannic wine, we can pick earlier, at lower sugar and high, refreshing acidity.  Because we don’t need to wait for integration, we bottle the wine within a few months of harvest, locking in the fresh, un-oxidized profile.  In 2016 we re-branded Carbonic Sangiovese “Love You Bunches” – a pun on the gentle treatment of the whole grape bunches.  All grapes must be kept intact through fermentation.  Of course, the simple, whimsical label is the perfect fit for this fun, happy wine.  The label shows off vineyard manager and Grape Whisperer, Ruben Solorzano’s beautiful penmanship.

VINTAGE: The 2020 vintage started with much needed late rain in March and April.  The cold moisture pushed back bud break and set up an anticipated late harvest.  Ripening then accelerated after late season heat waves.  The first carbonic Sangiovese picks were ready a couple weeks after a minor heat-spike on August 15th,.  After letting vines recover from a Labor Day weekend heatwave that peaked on September 6th, we commenced harvesting the lion’s share of Sangiovese in mid through late September and cooler sites continued to trickle in through mid-October.  The resulting 2020 Love You Bunches Carbonic Sangiovese shows off a breadth of flavor and texture from the light, crisp high-toned rose-like quality to the more substantive texture and depth of the later picks.