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carboniste rouge brut rouge 2020

Our 2020 Rouge Brute is a new concept around sparkling red wine. In the US market, sparkling red wine is a non-category. I hope that this wine can make people reconsider spending a little time with it. The wine came about as a lark, combining some fresh red wine with our sparkling Albarino at Thanksgiving dinner. It was a hit! Merlot delivers underlying sweet red plummy fruit and Albarino keep the wine energetic and light. Fresh fruit and herbs fill the glass and beckon further enjoyment.

Winemaking (Merlot + Albariño + Yeast = Rouge Brute!)

Merlot and Albariño were fermented separately but blended very early. Blending and bottling occured in October, retaining much of the harvest and initial-fermentaiton energy. The wine was bottled with fresh yeast and a small amount of sugar, which yielded lower pressure than our other wines. This low pressure is in compliment to the red wine tannins.

This wine undergoes minimal influence from the winemaker. The grapes are pressed, and the juice is allowed to ferment until a sufficient level of sugar remains. It is then bottled and allowed to rest for 6 months. The wine is riddled and disgorged to remove excess sediment, and we use a small quantity of juice as a final touch before resealing the bottle.

We prefer crown caps as a final closure. They are safe and easy to open, and they are trusted across the world to age wines before disgorging (including Champagne!)