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cantina della volta brut rosso lambrusco

Dry sparkling red wine, clear ruby red color

This wine pairs very well with Prosciutto di Parma, Parmigiano Reggiano, Balsamic Vinegar, Tortellini, etc. It is lightest in color, highest in malic acid, and lowest in tannin, all of which make for the best sparkling wine. Effervecent, juicy yet dry and well balanced. 

The Story: Cantina della Volta is the rebirth of a winery founded in 1920 by the Bellei family. The fourth generation of the Bellei, Christian, is the catalyst that began Cantina della Volta anew. The winery is part of a 32ha site with 9ha of vine. Christian has begun moving the winery to organic certification-all wines are farmed sustainably and the Il Mattaglio wines are certified organic as of 2017. Christian believes very heavily in the Metodo Classico (Traditional Method) and all of his wines are bottle-fermented. The wines of Cantina della Volta are truly world-class. They are regarded by many to be among the finest sparkling wines produced in Italy and are found on the wine lists of the very best restaurants in the world.

Vineyard: ​Lambrusco di Sorbara grown within its DOC, which
needs pollination from Lambrusco di Salamino also grown in the vineyards. For the best expression, grapes are harvested the first week of October.

Vinification: ​The grapes are soft pressed followed by a 12hour maceration with 55% of the must to obtain the ruby red color. Following the Metodo Classico, the first fermentation is in stainless steel tank followed by the second fermentation in the bottle.

Ageing:​ ​Aged 21 months on the lees.