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caneva da nani col fondo prosecco 2019 sparkling wine


Grape Variety:Glera 100%

Colour: Pale straw yellow

Bouquet: Apple, pear, bread crust

Serving temperature: 8°C / 10°C

The 'vin col fondo' is a naturally refermented white sparkling wine made with 'Glera' must. After a maturation in vats it is then bottled and thanks to a specific temperature (15-18°C) the yeast ferments the residual sugars, saturating the wine into bubbles. At the end of this biological process that lasts about 60 days, the yeast settles at the bottom of the bottle leaving that unmistakable, unique and true natural preservative that leads to the evolution of the product’s organoleptic characteristics. We recommend to pour the wine in the jar leaving the sediments in the bottle.